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College Planning

College planning can send shivers up your spine!

Which is the “right” school…?

What to look for in a college as far as fit…?

Do you want an urban setting, rural setting, college town?

Travel to and from college?

Sports, Music, Theater environment?

Meal plans, sport ticket packages?

On campus/off campus housing?

How about the food choices that are offered?

HIPPA and FERPA laws and what you as a parent can access and get info on.

Medical and legal issues for your college student who is now of legal age!

There are quite a few different ways to pay for college/university. They all have what we call the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” consequences.

529s, loans, payment plans, monthly savings, gifts, scholarships…all of these options are viable and worth investigating.

Paying for College is but one issue in the whole college experience.

All of these and a host of other questions and concerns are very valid reasons to cause sleepless nights!

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