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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management, as varied as the weather and can change as often! Strategies and philosophies are endless…

When it comes down to it, what should you do with your investments?

The only way to answer that is – what’s going to allow you to sleep at night? What’s going to allow you to look at your statements and not get shocked by the month end number?

Do you look at your investments to see how they are doing daily? Do you look at them occasionally? Do you feel comfortable with the market ups and downs? Do the various news outlets give you concern about upcoming political, world, economic events?

How do you choose? Do you just trust your advisor? Do you believe in the marketing materials?

How do you know these investments line up with your own personal experience, risk tolerance and knowledge?

Some of the areas in where we’ve seen issues arise are when;

  • There’s not a clear-cut understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly of the chosen investment vehicles
  • An unrealistic expectation of investment returns
  • Not having a good understanding of how various market risks affect your investment

As mentioned above there are thousands and thousands of mutual funds, etf’s equities, alternative investments, hedge funds, third party money managers and the like. We have access to all of that, but again, we need to sift through all of those to get to the strategy that works for you.

Even with careful and thoughtful planning and consideration, some very good investments unfortunately turn into nightmares!

We like to ensure you know the Good, the bad and the ugly! Where can you get hurt!

Education is key. There will be hiccups and disappointments but through constant monitoring and review, much can be done to ensure you and your investment expectations are in line with each other.

Your ability to sleep at night when it comes to your investments is knowing your investments are performing as close to your expectations as possible.

Working with you and your set of criteria, suitability, knowledge, experience and tolerances- we can come up with the mix of vehicles to complement your future goals.

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