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Estate Planning


Estate planning is an emotional and worrisome issue. Many times, clients come to it apprehensive and concerned….

What is the right thing to do for your heirs…?

Who gets what and how to divide the estate fairly and with the least amount of stress…?

If there is a small business involved and one or more of the heirs are involved, how is it best divided?

What if none of the heirs are involved?

How to make sure the heirs get what you want them to receive?

How about probate? Avoiding it…

Is a trust right for us?

Are my assets titled correctly?

These and other questions are the types of questions we deal with in an estate plan. One way to handle these items is to tailor a plan to your specific situation.

Estate planning can be very easily handled with the correct team involved. This is not necessarily an expensive proposition. With a qualified Estate Planning attorney, a CPA if needed, and our financial advisors, we would tailor make a plan that fits within your budget, desires and needs.

In the case of a small business there would be additional advisors such as a company appraiser.

Art work appraisers and other specific asset appraisers as needed

Sometimes a simple retitling of assets is what is needed. It does not need to be an overly expensive and drawn out affair.

Most clients set up a plan and then only need to review it every 5-10 years.

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